Geographical Indication(GI) is a name or a sign used on certain goods or products that have a specific geographical origin (a region or country).

In order to function as GI, a sign must identify a product as originating in a given location. It certifies that the quality, characteristics, specific manufacturing skills, traditions and reputation of the product is due to its origin.


Geographical Indications are used for:

Wine and spirit drinks

Food products

Agricultural products


Industrial products

GI Tag
Some Products that are GI Tagged | Credits: Titodutta


Who regulates geographical indications?

Geographical indications are part of the Intellectual property rights (IPR’s) under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property,1883

At International level, GI is governed by the World Trade Organization’s (WTO’s) agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights(TRIPS).

In India, GI registrations is administered by the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection)Act,1999,came into force from September 2003. In India, any producer or association can apply for GI tag if the applicant represents the interest of producers of the concerned goods.

The GI tag is allotted only after thorough historical and empirical inquiry(based on actual experience rather than belief). If the product’s origin can’t be effectively traced between two states either both will be given ownership or none of the regions is provided with GI tag. Instead of focusing on certification the respective State or community need to promote the products and it’s respective industry.


Significance of GI tag

1. GI tag helps producers to differentiate their unique products from other products in the market.

2. The products with GI tag helps in increasing exports and earning, promotes tourism, cultural heritage and national identity.

3. It  plays a major role in trade between countries.

4. It protects livelihood and increase employment.

5. It help preserve many traditional skills.


Benefits of GI tag

1. Offers legal protection to the products.

2. Prevents unauthorized use.

3. Consumers can get products of desired traits with reliable authenticity.

4. Promote economic prosperity of its producers by increasing the product’s demand in national and international markets by that contributing to economic growth of the country.

5. Promotes Rural Development.


Issues and Challenges of GI

Unhealthy competition between states tends to part the country on regional and cultural basis. States trying to get more GI tags forget to pay attention to improve the value of products already having GI tag.

Developing countries seek same high level protection and treatment for under GIs which was given under TRIPS for wines and spirits.


GI products of India

The first product in India to be awarded with GI tag was the Darjeeling Tea(West Bengal) in 2004-2005.

Others include:

Pochampalli Ikat (Telangana)

Nashik Valley Wine(Maharastra)

Mithila Makhana (Bihar)

Meerut Scissors(Uttar pradesh)

Kashmiri Saffron (J&K)

Judima (Assam)

Idu Mishmi Textiles (Arunachal Pradesh)

Etikoppaka toys (Andhra pradesh)

GI Tag
Etikoppaka toys (Andhra pradesh) | Image Credits: By Adityamadhav83

Chanderi Saree(Madhya radesh)

Kangra Tea(Himachal Pradesh)

Mysore Sandalwood Soap (Karnataka)

Blue Pottery Of Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Bastar woodwork (Chhattisgarh)

Salem Silk, known as Salem Venpattu (Tamilnadu)

Kutch Embroidery (Gujarat)

Villianur Terracotta Works(Pondicherry)

Warli painting (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman Diu)

Naga Tree Tomato (Nagaland)

Shaphee Lanphee (Manipur)

Sikkim Large Cardamom (Sikkim)

Mizo Chilli (Mizoram)

Memong Narang (Meghalaya),

Tripura Queen Pineapple (Tripura)

Uttarakhand Tejpat(Uttarakhand)

Khola Chilli(Goa)

Sohrai – Khovar Painting (Jharkhand) and many more….

To find the full list of all GI Tagged products visit the official website:


With GI take your roots to places.




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