May it be “fluffy” in the Bollywood film “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun “, “bhidu” in Chillar Party , “Charlie” in “777 Charlie” relationship of dogs with humans has been well explained.

Humans and Dogs Relationship
Humans and Dogs Relationship Quote

Relationship of dogs with humans dates back almost 15000 years ago. For two centuries dogs have been man’s best friend. Mostly in the western countries like United States, 48% of the household has dogs as their pets. There are studies that explain the magical Humans and Dogs Relationship.

Both humans and Dogs release Oxytocin when they spend time together and are capable of discriminating between positive and negative human facial expressions and respond accordingly.

Studies state that the Bond is bidirectional and the absence of the tamer causes separation anxiety in the pets. The scientific study of this bonding was discovered by Boris .M . levinson which helped in including the canines in healthcare facilities based on the benefits of assisted pet therapy.

Dogs have high sense of smell and has been handy to man in hunting ,herding ,military ,and medicine( retirement homes and hospitals). Apart from the signs and sounds which are mostly hard to understand dogs make gestures through body postures and facial expressions. Here are the 6 cute gestures that our dogs make:

1.Downward stretching – Dogs usually lean down to a yoga position which means it’s their fun time .

2.Nose and lip licking – This is usually seen during or after a meal.

Humans and Dogs Relationship

3.Yawning unlike humans when your dog yawns it doesn’t mean it is tired it means a fearful response to stimuli.

4.Tightly closed mouth – usually dogs stay with their mouth open but when they do this it means distrust to something nearby .

5.Wagging tail – It means your dog is happy and excited

6. Licking human – It’s a sign of pure affection.


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