Here is the list of 7 Facts about Big Cats that make them look less Scary!

1. The cheetah cannot roar like leopards, jaguars, tigers, and lions because it doesn’t have a particular ligament in its voice box. This means that it can only make a noise like a ‘purr’.

Facts about Big Cats


2. A cross between a male jaguar and a female leopard is called a Jagulep.


3. The mothers of leopards, jaguars, and cheetahs stay together with their cubs for up to 2 years and teach them a lot of things from hunting to defending themselves.

Facts about Big Cats

More Facts about Big Cats that make them look less Scary!


4. The character ‘Bagheera’ from Mowgli is a black panther from the leopard species. He is showcased as a wise friend and protector of the protagonist.


5. A female cheetah can have up to 9 cubs in a litter. That’s a lot of siblings to have!


6. The snow leopards are the only one of the big cats that live in the cold deserts of Asia and are often called ‘ghosts of the mountain’. They are very shy animals and have not been captured much.

Leopard Snow Leopards
Snow Leopards


7. Cheetahs can’t climb trees. If you ever find yourself in a situation wherein you’re being chased by a cheetah make sure to climb the nearest tree.


Did You Just Spot a Cheetah a Leopard and a Jaguar?


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