10 Interesting Facts about Tardigrades! Are Tardigrades immortal? Can Tardigrades Survive outer space ? Here is the list of top 10 Interesting Facts about Tardigrades! Okay this isn’t exactly a fun fact, but it is interesting!

1. Tardigrades are older than dinosaurs!! Almost about 530 million years.

2. Tardigrades have 4 pairs of legs and have each leg has claws.

Interesting Facts about Tardigrades
Tardigrades | By Frank Fox

3. Tardigrades form a specialized state called ‘tun” which helps them survive extreme conditions.

4. The diet of Tardigrades includes bacteria and plants cells and they eat by digging their dagger like teeth into them.

5. They can survive for many years without food and water.


Don’t Know What Tardigrades Are? – Learn Here


6. Tardigrades can survive temperatures about 151̊ Celsius as well as -200̊ Celsius.

7. Under certain conditions they reproduce sexually whereas under some conditions they can also reproduce asexually.

8. The young ones of Tardigrades are born with their entire set of cells. The cells merely expand in size, as the Tardigrade grows.

9. They can repair DNA damage caused by X ray radiation.

10. They have been known to survive space!


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