World Environment Day, one of the biggest campaigns by the United Nations, this day draws the attention of the people towards the various environmental issues ranging from global warming, pollution to biodiversity loss, and illegal wildlife trade and aims to raise awareness and taking actions towards tackling these problems. The theme for this year is “Ecosystem Restoration” and would be hosted by Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan has an ambitious plan to restore its forest covers through a campaign called “10 billion tree Tsunami” which would in action for 5 years.


When is the world environment day celebrated?

5th June was declared as the World Environment Day in the year 1972 by the UN Assembly. The first celebration of this day took place in the year 1974 with the theme of “Only one earth”


Simple ways to adapt sustainable living and reduce your carbon footprint

1) Reduce your plastic purchase: 15 million tonnes of plastic waste is created by India every year out of which only one-fourth is recycled. The rest of it ends up in landfills. Adopting simple habits such as carrying your own cloth bags and water bottles while you leave the house could help make a difference.

2) Compost your kitchen waste: The vegetable waste of a kitchen is a huge nutritional boost to your balcony plants. Instead of making its way to the dustbin, try setting up a compost bin at your home or locality and let your plants absorb the benefits of this compost.

3) Switch to Bamboo toothbrushes: A research conducted by Foreo revealed that 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown away in the United States every year. Because plastic is indestructible, toothbrushes of the 1930s might still be around. Bamboo toothbrushes work the same as any regular toothbrush. However, bamboo is an eco-friendly option. Bamboos grow at a very high rate and can decompose in less time as compared to plastic toothbrushes.

4) Switch to DIY: Microbeads in cosmetics pose a risk to aquatic pollution and lead to harmful consequences. Try DIY cosmetic recipes which have benefits due to their organic and inexpensive nature.

5) Grow your vegetables: There are various success stories of people maintaining a small herb garden in their balconies. Watching plants grow brings you closer to nature and leaves you with peace. You can also be sure of the quality as most vegetables available in the market are sprayed with harmful pesticides.


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