Sea lions, seals, and walruses are the marine mammals which belong to group called as the pinnipeds. These pinnipeds are carnivorous, semiaquatic, and fin-footed marine mammals which mainly inhabit polar and subpolar regions.

The pinnipeds are classified as three main groups:

1. Odobenidae (Walrus is the only living member of this family)

2. Otariidae (The eared seals such as sea lions and fur seals belong to Otariidae family)

3. Phocidae (The earless seals, or true seals belong to Phocidae family)


In this article, we will learn about the Difference between Sea Lion and Seal:


Seals are also called as true seals or earless seals.


Sea Lion

These seals are very different from sea lions and fur seals which are referred as eared seals.


These two kinds of seals are distinguished by physical characteristics which are discussed as follows:


Seals or True Seals


Sea Lions & Fur Seals


1.Seals do not have ear flaps



1.Sea Lions have ear flaps


2. Seals have small front flippers.



2. Sea Lions & Fur Seals have front flippers larger than Seals.



3. Seals have claws



3. Sea Lions & Fur Seals do not have claws.



4. Seals cannot move their rare flippers



4. Sea Lions & Fur Seals can move their rare flippers


5. Seals propel by moving the rear flippers back and forth.



5. Sea Lions & Fur Seals move using their front flippers.




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