Here is the list of 8 Surprising Facts About Colour and Colour Vision Deficiency!

1. Infants are born colour blind and develop colour vision slowly; they can see red, and green soon after one week of birth whereas it takes longer to see blue colour.

2. More men as compared to women are affected by colour vision deficiencies.

3. Butterflies can see many more colours as compared to humans, as they have more kinds of photoreceptors, whereas dogs can see lesser colours as compared to humans as they have only 2 photoreceptors.

Surprising Facts About Colour

4. The term ‘red-green colour blindness” does not mean that the individual cannot see only red and green, it means that they have difficulty in seeing all other colours that partly have red and green in them too. For example, they might confuse purple and blue, because they can’t see the red element in purple.

5. Most people take many years to realize that they have a colour vision deficiency.

6. People with colour deficiency face problems in day to day activities like driving, wherein they cannot differentiate between the different traffic lights.

7. There is no cure for colour vision deficiency, but it can be treated to some extent by wearing certain glasses.

8. A form of colour blindness may leave a person with one eye having normal vision but the other deficient in colour vision!


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