We all know many great and successful people in our life, who stand us as an inspiration to us, but have they become great all of a sudden, No, they too had lots of struggles and discouragement in their life just like this bamboo tree

The life cycle of a Chinese bamboo tree describes the exact story of many great people.

Just like any other plant, Chinese bamboo tree’s life also starts with a seed which has to be sown in the soil, and it requires water and sunlight for its nourishment. During its first year, we see no signs of visible growth in the plant even though we have done everything right, in the second year the same story continuous, no growth at all; in fact, there is no growth in the plant till its fifth year.

Finally, in the fifth year, something incredible happens, the Chinese bamboo starts to grow and not just growing but it grows rapidly up to 80feet in just six weeks! And everyone appreciates for its growth.

But what was the seed doing during these five years; it was preparing its roots for that rapid growth.

The tree has overcome adverse climate and challenges in its life to become great, just like this tree many great people undergo years of struggles and hard work which people can’t see but they are preparing for their success.

Remember we and bamboo tree are the same. It takes faith, hard work, and self-confidence to succeed in our life, even though people can’t see your hard work, your success can be seen one day. This is one of the most inspiring stories which

Perseverance + Hard work = Success


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