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Interesting Science Quiz Questions & Answers from all Categories are Listed Below:

1. Who invented the first Telescope?- Hans Lippershey

2. Which famous scientist had difficulty in speaking until the age of 4 years? – Albert Einstein

3. Rusting of iron takes place when exposed to which gas – Oxygen Gas

4. Which is the nearest star to the planet Earth? – Sun

5. Which scientist discovered four largest moons of Jupiter using a telescope – Galileo Galilei

6. Graphite is made up of which element –  Carbon

7. What is the chemical formula for Potassium permanganate? – KMnO4

8. What is the central metal Ion present in the chlorophyll? – Magnesium

9. What is a Dutch perspective glass?  –Telescope

10. An Unlit matchstick has which kind of energy? – Chemical Energy

11. When a bus stops suddenly, passengers tend to fall forward: Which law of Newton is present in this situation – Newton’s First Law

12. What is the percentage of Oxygen gas in the atmosphere – 21%

13. Pencil leads are made up of which compound? – Graphite

14. Bananas have which radioactive element? – Potassium

15. What are the three main different types of rocks? – Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic

16. What is the element which is used in nuclear bombs?- Uranium

17. Who was the first person to use the telescope for astronomical observations? – Galileo Galilei

18. Patterns in the night sky formed by the prominent stars are known as – Constellations

19. What is the name of rover which was sent by NASA to the planet Mars? – Curiosity

20. Which color in VIBGYOR has the highest frequency? – Violet

21. What is the atomic number of gold? –79

22. Which metal is used in aircrafts for its less weight? – Aluminum

23. What is the formula for Newton’s second law? – F=ma

24. What is the atomic number of phosphorus? –15

25. When light passes through a lens, it is called as – Refraction

26. What is the formula for density? – Mass by volume

27. When heat is released we call the reaction as – Exothermic reaction

28. How many bones does a newborn baby have? – 300

29.Which is the nearest galaxy to Milky Way? –  Andromeda Galaxy

30. Which 4 planets in our solar system have rings? – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

31. What is called as the powerhouse of the cell? –  Mitochondria

32. The instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure? – Barometer

33. What is the chemical formula for chalk piece?  – Calcium Carbonate ( CaCo3)

34. Who discovered the cell? – Robert Hooke

35. Dead stars are called as? – Black holes

36. Where is the deepest point on the Earth? – Mariana Trench

37. What is the gas that is filled in electric bulbs?- Nitrogen gas

38. What is the common name for baking soda? – Sodium Bicarbonate

39. Biogas mainly contains which gas? – Methane Gas

40. Blood gets its red color from which element – Iron

41. Why does Sky appear blue in color? – Scattering of light

42. Which is the most abundant gas in the universe – Hydrogen gas

43. How is heat produced in the sun? – Nuclear Fusion

44. How many days does the Moon take to revolve around the earth – 27.3days

45. If the temperature on the Celsius scale is 27 degrees, what is the temperature in Kelvin scale? – 300K

46. What is dry ice solid? – Carbon Dioxide

47. A boy throws a ball vertically upwards from the ground with some velocity, when the ball reaches the maximum height, what is its final velocity? – Zero

48. What are Fluids? – Liquids and gases

49. Diamond is made up of which element? – Carbon

50. What are the examples of precipitation? – Rain and snow

51. Which principle is used to cool the water in earthen pots? –  Evaporation

52. Which chemical is used in nail polish remover? – Acetone

53. Which is the lightest metal in the universe- Lithium

54. If a car is moving at a speed of 50 km per hour throughout the journey, what is the acceleration of the car? –Zero

55. Water and oil can be separated by which process? – Fractional distillation

56. Protons are made up of which three quarks? – Two ups and one down quark

57. A plastic ball and an iron ball are dropped from the same height simultaneously, which ball touches the ground first? – both reach at the same time

58. How does the Planet Earth get its energy? – The Sun

59. What is the common name for washing soda? – Sodium carbonate

60. Naturally occurring hardest material on the earth is? – Diamond

61. Which is the lightest gas in the universe? – Hydrogen gas

62. We can change our voice by inhaling which gas? – Helium Gas

63. How many elements are present in the periodic table?   – 118

64. X rays were discovered by ?- Roentgen

65. Tungsten used in filaments of bulbs has an atomic number of? –74

66. Electrons were discovered by? – JJ Thomson

67. When metals react with acids, which gas is produced? – Hydrogen gas

68. We often drink carbonic acid in our daily life, what is the common name for carbonic acid- Soda water

69. Green flame produced from fireworks is because of which element? – Barium

70. Flow of electrons or movement of electrons is called as? – Electricity

71. The only Indian physicist to win Nobel Prize in physics for scattering of light is –  Sir CV Raman

72. Which planet is called as Red Planet?- Mars

73. Give examples of DC appliances? – torchlight, T.V remote

74. Which metal is liquid at room temperature? – Mercury

75. How long does it take for light to reach the Earth from Sun – 8 minutes and 20 seconds

76. Matter is made up of small indivisible particles called as? – Atoms

77. Apart from solid, liquid and gases, what is the fourth form of matter? – Plasma

78. What is the fourth dimension according to Einstein’s model of universe? –Time

79. Which color has the longest wavelength? – Red

80. Pascal is the unit of?- Pressure

81. Which planet is called morning and evening star? – Venus

82. Instrument used to measure electric current?- Ammeter

83. Human body is mostly made up of which element- Carbon

84. We live in which layer of atmosphere? – troposphere

85. 1 Nanometer is equals to how many meters?- 10 power minus 9 meters

86. Sun appears red at morning and evening because of?- Scattering of light

87. Which Scientist named the words positive and negative in electrical charges?- Benjamin Franklin

88. A Reusable space rocket is called as?- Space shuttle

89. Sleeping under the tree at night time is dangerous because trees produce some gas, what is the gas? – Carbon Dioxide

90. Sound waves cannot travel in?- Space or Vacuum

91. Mars has how many moons?- 2

92. What is the full form of NASA?- National Aeronautics and Space Administration

93. What is the atomic number of sodium?- 11

94. What are the three subatomic particles in an atom?- electrons, protons and neutrons

95. Seasons on the Earth occur due to?- Tilt of the Earth

96. The leaves of the plant appear green in color because leaves reflect some color, what color is it? – Green color

97. Which scientist invented dynamite?- Alfred Nobel

98. What is the full form of ISRO? – Indian Space Research Organization

99. What is the speed of light?- 300,000 kilometer per second or 3×108m/s

100. When the moon comes in between Earth and the Sun, it is called as?- Solar eclipse



Interesting Science Quiz Questions & Answers from Physics Category are Listed Below:

1. Aurora Borealis are created in which layer of atmosphere – Thermosphere

2. What is the instrument used to measure wind speed – Anemometer


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3. Eiffel Tower is six inches taller in summer due to – Thermal Expansion

4. Eiffel Tower is taller in which season – Summer Season

5. Who was the first person to win the Nobel prize in physics – Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1901)


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Interesting Science Quiz Questions & Answers from Chemistry are Listed Below:


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