Chandrayaan-3 is a landmark mission for India's space program. It is India's third lunar mission launched on July 14, 2023 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, India. The mission consists of a lander, a rover, and an orbiter.

Take the Chandrayaan-3 Quiz and discover the challenges faced, technology and scientific importance behind the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

Multiple Choice Quiz

1. What are some of the challenges that the Chandrayaan-3 mission will face?

The harsh lunar environment
The low gravity of the Moon
The communication delay between Earth and the Moon
All of the above

2. What is the name of the launch vehicle that was used to launch the Chandrayaan-3 mission?

Ariane 5
Long March 3B

3. How many countries have successfully landed a spacecraft on the Moon?


4. What is the scientific significance of the Moon's south pole?

It is thought to be rich in water ice.
It is thought to be geologically active.
It is thought to be a good place to study the lunar environment.
All of the above

5. When was the Chandrayaan-3 mission launched?

July 14, 2023
August 23, 2023
September 7, 2022
October 14, 2022

6. What is the name of the lander that will land on the Moon's south pole?

Chandrayaan-3 Orbiter
None of the above

7. What is the name of the rover that will be deployed from the lander?

Chandrayaan-3 Orbiter
None of the above

8. Who is the director of the ISRO during Chandrayaan-3 mission?

S. Somanath
K. Sivan
A.S. Kiran Kumar
None of the above

9. Which of the following is the maximum speed of the Pragyan rover?

1 cm/s
10 cm/s
1 m/s
10 m/s

10. What is the lifespan of the rover and lander in Chandrayaan-3?

1 Earth day
7 Earth days
14 Earth days
28 Earth days

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Image Credits: By Indian Space Research Organisation (GODL-India), GODL-India,

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