Do you love science? Do you want to write about your innovative ideas which may change the world? Are you poet? or Do you have a great short story to amaze the world? Whatever maybe the idea, Give Voice to Your Thoughts with Student Authors Board. Follow the Writing Guidelines for Student Authors Below to Get Started!


What can you write about?

We have listed out few topics which you can work on! You can also write articles in the categories which are not listed here.

1. Your Own Innovation (Innovative Ideas & Techniques)

2. Topics related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

3. Poetry

4. Fiction or Non Fiction

5. Short or Long Stories (Any Genre) 

6. Interviews about Life, Career, Social Issues or People around you.

7. Articles related Nature or Inspiration from Nature ( Example: What Can We Learn from Butterfly)

8. Social Issues in your Locality or Nation and Your Smart Solution to it.

9. Environmental Awareness

10. Anything Worth Sharing to the World.


How to Submit Your Post

Mail us your original and unpublished articles at

Follow the below Writing Guidelines for Student Authors to publish your work without hassle! Read all Writing Guidelines before you submit the post!


Writing Guidelines for Student Authors

1. Submit your original and unpublished articles at along with your name, email address, phone number, class and school name. (Author Photograph not Mandatory)

2. Article must be written in word document (.docx format) or google docs only.

3. Article must be complete and informative. (Interesting Articles are preferred!)

4. Article must contain references wherever required. Any references made within the work to other studies or publications must be credited and noted.

5. Content must be plagiarism free – verify your content here before you proceed to submit.

6. Article must be a minimum of 250 words. However, there is no maximum word limit.

7. Authors need not submit pictures. However links of relevant images from attribution free image stock websites will be highly appreciated.

All Posts are subjected to Terms and Conditions which are listed below:


Terms and Conditions

By submitting a post to Starry Stories, the copyright ownership of the post will be transferred to Starry Stories

Starry Stories has the right to edit your Article to fit with the website policies and content.

Starry Stories reserves all the rights to the Articles published.

The articles will be posted under the penmanship of the original author and re-posting them anywhere else without the permission of Starry Stories will not be allowed.


Review & Verification

Student Authors Board has articles that are written by students, but they are always reviewed by scientific experts & academicians to make sure that they are clear and easy to understand.

Every Student Authors Board article has to pass the judgement of our Reviewers before it can go online.

These reviewers work with subject experts and academicians to provide feedback to student authors that will make articles as clear and interesting as possible before being published and made available online.


Perks & Benefits

Letter of Appreciation 

E- Certificate

Get Featured in Starry Stories Quarterly Magazine

Unlock More Benefits for Popular Writers


In case you have any questions, kindly feel free to contact us at connect[at] or our contact page. You can also comment on this post for any queries.

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