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 The Changing Roads of Life

From Child to a Teenager


Interviewer: Hi! Firstly, I want to thank you to give your precious time to me.  The main motive of our today’s interview is to pacify those adolescents who think that they are not like others and to tell them about the normal changes of puberty. So, our today’s interviewee is Mr. xyz (not mentioning real name for interviewee’s privacy)

 So, can you please tell me how you came to know about the term ‘adolescence’?


Interviewee: Hi and thank you for inviting me. When I was 11 years old, my mother had once told me about the term adolescence and also about the normally changes that take place. In this way I came to know about adolescence and also, I had read about it from internet and books.


Interviewer: Really your mother is an ideal mother. So, what changes you started seeing in you at the age of 13-14 years?


Interviewee: I had noticed that I used to be angry than ever. My mom also said this to me. I remain irritated almost all the time.   There are many physical changes like increase in height and increase in underarms hair and beard starts growing and many others.


Interviewer: Ok. That’s very nice that you have analyzed yourself very much.


Interviewee:  All credit should go to my mother. She has motivated me at every step of my life.


Interviewer: This shows that you are very attached to your mother.


Interviewee:  Yup this is true. She is the closest to me.


Interviewer: Now let’s move forward. You said now that your behaviour has changed during puberty. So how you overcame this behaviour?


Interviewee: As I was also beware of these changes but still, I felt a kind of insecurity and a strange feeling about the changes taking place in me. But my mother and friends helped me a lot to overcame this.

They always console me that this is normal at this age. And soon I also started believing it when I noticed the same behaviour of my other classmate and when I read it in books and on internet, and after few months I myself notice changes in me like I am started to accept changes.


Interviewer: Ok. Do you want to give any suggestion to our viewer or reader who are suffering from the same irritated behavior?


Interviewee: Just want to say that one should read about the adolescence and their changes from differ sources. They should discuss the changes and their feeling with their parents, guardian, sibling, friends and to the one who is closet to you.

This may help them a lot. And I also want to request to the viewer that one should also support others as friends, sibling, guardian, parents to help them to overcame this type of behaviour. So that adolescents not felt that they are alone.


Interviewer:  I think this will help a lot of people. My next question from you is that how you reacted now when recalled your past time?


Interviewee: Sometimes I literally didn’t believe that was me. I had noticed a lot of change in me. There is a lot of difference between my past behaviour and in present behaviour. My parents also agreed with this and obvious they will because they had supported me a lot.


Interviewer:  Yep, truly when these changes occurred, we felt very awkward but later on we realize that these changes are important for growth.

My last question for you is that how this changing period benefit you?


Interviewee: This helped me in many ways. This change made me not only physical strong but also prepared me mentally for any further change. This changing has prepared me for any further changes in life. This adolescence period has shown that life is not like northern plain but it is like the Himalaya mountain in which there are many changes.


Interviewer: Literally our life is like a mountain. I also want to say that you have given a very interesting example to our viewer.  At last, I want to ask that if you want to say anything else.


Interviewee: Just want to say thank you for inviting me and asking these interesting questions to me. I also want to say that my experience may help someone and thank you once again.


Interviewer: I also want to thank you for sharing your experience with me and with viewers. I also want to thank you to the Starry Stories for providing this marvelous platform.

At last, I also want to thank you to the viewers for reading interview. Thanks to all.


An Article by Vanshika Manchanda, IX standard

Shiksha Bharati School


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  1. A very good article, especially for the teens. They have to be keen about their mental and physical changes for their growth as mentioned in the article.
    Vanshika your writings skills are too good keep it up and hope more articles from you.

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