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Lockdown had changed the Earth and also lives. This is also having some advantages and disadvantages. Advantages, many of us in our daily scheduled life may not have time to spend with family even though we are having time we cannot enjoy because we are tired by the work which we had done in the morning. But, now many of them are spending so much time with their families and they are so happy and many are learning different activities by staying at home like drawing, painting, cooking, etc.

Also, one of the main impacts of Corona out Break had been a significant drop in air pollution in many parts of the earth even electricity used by domestic purpose was increased and commercial purpose was decreased. But, I also told that they are disadvantages those are many of the labors who are working in factories and construction field, etc.  They are suffering a lot because they could not get their wages as factories and construction fields were closed. They will not get any money and we know that money is a basic thing that leads our lives. Automatically, they will not have food to eat and shelter to stay. So, this is one of the disadvantages not only people even many countries had a great economic loss.

Coming to India, it also had a great economic loss. Throughout the world, many countries had great economic loss. So, I think this lockdown had changed the world so much but more than the people and the country. It changed many doctors, police’s and social worker’s lives. These are the people who had just sacrificed their lives. At this point of time, we believe in a saying that “doctors are the next to God” not only them including police and social service workers are very great as they are working for us. We should salute to the doctors, police, and social workers who are working in this critical situation. This is happening not only in India but also happening almost all over the world. So, finally, we can say that “Lockdown has changed the earth” so much.


An Article by M. Shyam Shruthi, IX standard

Sri Chaitanya High School


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