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Live Countless, Die one


If you have to buy a New Book of the latest edition, Will you buy a book without its last page? Probably not, even it does not contain the important points but any of us will not buy it as it will not fulfil our condition and moreover the main point is that it is not completed.


Then why we all wish to tear or cut out the last page of book of our life.


We all know that the last page of all books of every species is ‘DEATH’.  We all know that it’s will surely come to us one day but we still have a fear of it and wants to cut it out. But have you noticed that in fear of it, we forgot to live. This fear brings us more closer to death as it is not good for health.

Think and decide which is more important to you – Life or Death


You know, Death is like a gift which we cannot return. We have to accept it whether it is sweet or bitter, whether we like it or not.   Lives is an opportunity, actually not an opportunity it’s full of opportunities. Let me put it more clear. I said Lives opportunities because we can mend it as we want. Opportunities can be used as we want. We can shine through it and I said it many because you know we can reborn every day. It’s up to us whether we want to give us an opportunity or opportunities. So, in this way, you can born many times and die only once.


Let’s have one more comparison between life and death. Life is like stainless steel and death is like a Diamond, we think only about having a Diamond. We always think that one day for sure we are having it but when we need to prevent us from darkness, storm or anything what we need is stainless steel. I hope that I put my point clear that is in thinking about death we forgot that thing which is really valuable like life. No one tell story about anyone’s death only. People tells the story what one has done while living or which work of theirs has brought death to them.


Well said by Henry Van Dyke, ” Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live”. So, you should make sure that you are no one of them.


You should one of the legends who reborn every day and die just once. Let’s break the rule and all the misconception of one life only. Believe me the distance of one to million is not so far, you just have to hover in your heart’s thought. Live Countless, Die one.


An Essay by Vanshika Manchanda, X standard

Shiksha Bharati School


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