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A Happy Family


Hi friends. Today we are talking about a happy family. What is a happy family? What we can do to keep our family happy?

It’s true that we all are having a family. It’s not necessary that for a happy family there should be a blood relation. Family is a group of members in which there is a love among all. A group where we understand each other’s misery and happiness, where there is no place for hate.

I have heard many people that no one understood him in his family and that he wants to leave his family as there are many rifts in their family. But I think leaving the family is not the solution to these rifts. The only solution is to sit together and clear all misunderstanding among themselves. Try to understand each other by placing yourself on their place.

Have you remembered the dialogue of famous Superstar Shahrukh khan in which he said that every family have problems, but those are lucky who have a family.

It is obvious that there will be problems in a family because it is not possible for two person and two generations to have same thoughts and views. This is the common reason that give rise to conflict in a family. In this case, we should not take a huge step in anger. We should try to understand them. We should try to clear them our point of view and you should hear your elder’s advice because they have learnt a lot from life.

There is a power that can keep a family happy. It is the most mighty power. The power that binds us all together. The power that gives us capacity to bear any grief. This the power of ‘LOVE’ from which we can even conquer on the heart of stone. This is the love due to which we are a family. Love between the family is the most important. Love help us to forget one’s mistake, and to realize us our mistake. What more I can write? Because I know that even writing billion crore words on love is not enough. Love is indefinite. Just want to say that think a world without love! Think a family without love!

What thought strike in your mind after reading this?

The only thought that strike in my mind is that without love our earth will become a hell.

No love means entrance of hate. Entrance of hate means no happiness.  No happiness means a world without humanity. A world without humanity means the hell where there is no family.

I hope that you have understood the power of love.


What we can do to keep our family happy?

Till now you have understood that a happy family has a sense of understanding and love among themselves. But the question is that how we can have a good understanding and love in a family?

This may be done by following ways:

1. Should give at least half an hour to family everyday.

2. Have weekend together whenever there is time.

3. Share all feeling and problems with family which will create a feeling of affinity in family members.

4. Don’t find occasion to celebrate. Just celebrate whenever there is happiness.

5. Eat together.

6. Try to feel their emotions, feeling and their point of view.

7. Stand together against those you hurt your family.

8. Try to make others happy.

9. Never forget your elder family members just because your generation’s thoughts are not matching with their thoughts.

10. Respect your elder’s advice because they are your true well-wishers.

11. There should be no feeling of jealousy.

12. Learn to control your useless anger.

13. Between worldly love and family, always choose your family because they are your true love which is with you from your birth.

14. Always stand with your family

15. Believe on your family members.


I hope you got the ways to follow your duty of keeping your family happy.

There is a great role of happy families in leading a country towards success.

A world with happy families is like a heaven.

At last, want to say thank you to Starry Stories for providing this amazing platform to the children to share their thoughts and to readers who get the solution of their every problem and curiosity.

Thank you to all and have a happy family with sweet problems.


An Essay by Vanshika Manchanda, IX standard

Shiksha Bharati School


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6 thoughts on “A Happy Family

  1. It’s really feeling awesome to find a girl of 9th standard writing such insightful articles with vivid explanation. Wonderful Vanshika.

  2. Wonderful Vanishka. Your views are the basics of Indian culture. your suggestions may show best way to Today”s generation. Good work.

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