An Auspicious day that marks a triumphant victory of Good over Evil. There were both Religious and Scientific Reasons to Celebrate this Festival that’s being celebrated for more than 2500 years! As we all know different religious aspects/ stories of Diwali, let me go into scientific perspective.

Diwali usually marks the end of monsoon season and start of winter (hemant ritu/pre-winter). The celebration of diwali starts with people cleaning their houses from all the mess that went unnoticed for long time in the house and then white washing. This ensure that all the hotspots of mosquito breeds or other insects got wiped out of the house. thus preventing family members from getting infected to malaria, dengue and various other transmitted infections.

The weather at this time is so mild, peaceful and pleasant. And to add more peace to this there were the traditional oil-burning lamps illuminated on the bright and clean freshly colored exteriors of houses raises the mood to a different level with all the friends and family around.

The next part in the celebration is Lakshmi puja, it is believed that the goddess of happiness, wealth and prosperity roams on the earth on this day and enters the most clean and bright house. The real celebration is after the dark, where people burn crackers, sky lanterns are released into air and at some places people float lamps in rivers and ponds which is followed by special meals for the occasion. These are some of the Scientific Reasons to Celebrate Diwali.

The spiritual aspect of diwali is to symbolize victory of righteousness over evil. It is believed that all the brightness and happiness around will make a person realize ” The awareness of inner light ” .

Diwali then and now:

1. We don’t see people cleaning and whitewashing their houses for various reasons in a false assumption that modern houses doesn’t have a need for that.

2. Now a days you won’t see households preparing those home cooked sweets for the occasion. These were replaced by all the sweets bought in highly sophisticated and rich looking packages with unhealthy and poor nutritious contents.

3. The oil used in the oil-burn lamps have a medicinal value, these were replaced by candles and electrical lights. The lamp’s scientific objective is that all the insects around the house get attracted to light and falls in that by themselves. (Thus it releases you of the sin for murdering insects šŸ˜‰).

4. The crackers of that time were natural which just had natural materials like charcoal , cow/buffalo dung and asian palmyra palm leaves. (I am so fortunate to witness the entire process ā˜ŗ). Over the past decades all these were replaced by highly pollutant chemical crackers with thundering sounds which destroys the entire objective of the festival, And also harmful to many species and people around.

Scientific Reasons to Celebrate Diwali

5. People then worshiped and welcomed Goddess Lakshmi into their house, people now are injuring and destroying the Goddess Earth. Leave aside Goddess Lakshmi coming into our house, sheĀ  probably doesn’t want to step on to the planet itself in the present scenario.


Question yourself

Question yourself the purpose you celebrate diwali and the process you follow to achieveĀ  it.

Ask yourself whether you are marking the victory of righteousness or you marking the beginning of destruction.

Ask yourself whether you are adding BRIGHTNESS to the festival of lights or u are contributingĀ  the DARKNESS of the auspicious DARK NEW MOON DAY.

Check whether you are wishing for prosperity while misusing all the natural wealth with other hand.

Remember (or rather realize) that our festivals are connected to nature and are always celebrated in harmony with nature. The present way of celebration isn’t actual celebration but a deviation from the objective of diwali. And more importantly its not about showoff our wealth. Its as important to protect our natural wealth (nature) as like protecting our own wealth and health.

P.S: I wish everyone get ” The awareness of inner light ” . Wish everyone a HAPPY, BRIGHT N GLORIOUS DIWALI!

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Religious and Scientific Reasons to Celebrate Diwali

Religious Reasons to Celebrate Diwali

Scientific Reasons to Celebrate Diwali

Diwali 2019

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