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About Workshop

Starry Stories is conducting an workshop on biology to encourage Scientific Curiosity & Enhance the Knowledge of Students in the field of  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).

This Free Learning Initiative gives Every Child an Opportunity to Learn, Explore and get Involved in the World of STEM through Stories, Science Experiments and Math Activities.


What will be told in Workshop?

Why do we get hiccups?

Can drinking too much water harm you?

Why does a child have more bones than adults?

and many more fascinating things of biology! Also there is a direct QNA session with medical student!


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Do you Know?

Starry Stories has 100's of Interesting Science Articles & Stories. Read them here!


Important Dates

Deadline for Registration: 1st August 2020, 8pm

Date of Workshop: 02-08-2020 (Sunday) 10AM

Duration of Workshop: 1-2 Hours 

Venue: Google Meet

Please send your questions and queries at connect@starrystories.com



You can attend the workshop with registration at free of cost. 

Confirmation Email will be sent through worldbeyondyourscope@gmail.com

You will also receive meet id on your whatsapp number

Satya Ram: 9492250809

About Us

Starry Stories is a creative social enterprise which strives to inculcate scientific temper among the children of India.

Our Mission is to inculcate scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform among the children of India.

Our Vision is to create to a sustainable social enterprise.

We Value our country, learning, teaching, curiosity, inquiry, integrity, authenticity, sustainability and respect.

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