A 27 years old boy writes a letter to a magazine describing a Life after depression. He witnessed many events before attempting suicide which changed his perception towards life.


Dear Readers,

I am Arun twenty-seven years four months 12 days old. I am a child of nineties generation who played mostly on grounds. We are not attached to modern world technology which separated from physical and mental abilities. I am a middle-class boy who gets adjusted to many things.

I am evident to fights of my father and mother. I am the boy who gone through child abuse. I started fighting with myself at the age of Schooling. I found myself tough to reach the expectations of my parents. I felt happy at age of nineteen when I am entering to the graduation of my parent’s choice. I hardly remember my roll number after completion of my graduation.

Unfortunately like many of educated sheep’s I placed in a multinational company. I have 5 digits of salary and two wheels of the motorcycle.

One day I felt myself living in others body. I lost my choices, my aim and career. Unable to withstand myself I decided to end this polluted life. I wrote the last note to my parents. I started sorting how to end in a simple way.

I felt bit silly after thinking the ways to the hell. I started to the nearest station. I felt life more meaningful than usual site when I saw many beggars starving on road, handicapped at signals, and old people near garbage on my way to end.

As I am moving towards the end of the edge, my soul resisted me questioning my existence. People fight for several basic needs which I do have in my life. I complain myself I don’t find anything. My heart said to look into the new life, my brain pounded in depression. I felt I am lucky to have all things which many people won’t find in their life.

I took back my feet and tore the note to my parents. I decided to listen to my heart. I may fail today but someday I will definitely succeed in my life.

We listen to many people in our society and evaluate our life. We yourself build the pray of losing self-respect. We may fail several times in achieving things but result all satisfies our outcomes. Even failure looks small when you apply our thought. No one in world succeeds in one attempt. It took years to build a goal.


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