Nature is the source of life for all living species like Animals, valleys, trees, water, rocks, hills etc. themselves are unique by each other and everything has its own prominence. Human beings are also a part of nature.

The aspect which distinguishes a human being from nature and exclusive for themselves is thinking power. Thinking power transforms human being as a unique power from rest of nature. Usually appears simple, the very nature often challenges us to unite the though a knot of its hidden secrets day in and day out.

The human being intentionally contemplated and they search solutions for the challenges ever and forever. Curiously, the concealed the question and answers in nature itself. The role of science, in fact, is to find them out. For this sake, some questions are some more thoughts, and some other investigations are quite necessary.

Systematically the scientific study is moving in different ways until they found a concrete solution. The investigations lie in inquiring of the essence i.e. identifying questions, asking them and thus deriving adequate answers. Because of that, the Galileo said that scientific learning is nothing but improving the ability of questioning.

The classroom teaching of science must be in such a way that it encourages children to work and to think scientifically. Also, it must enhance love towards nature. Even it should enable to comprehend and appreciated by the laws governing the nature in constructing so much diversity all around. Scientific learning is not just disclosing new things.

Any human being can say about nature but we can’t say completely about nature. Whatever we say, proves or argues is just similar sand grain in the desert.



An Article by K. Likitha Sowmya, IX standard

Shree Chaithanya [E.M] School, Andhra Pradesh.


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