A silent night

The phone rang

Knew what it was about

But scared enough to attend the call

Finally, I had to face it

He’s no more 

My everything was lost in  a single moment 

It was

o’clock in the morning 

My ears were numb already to hear anything from the other side of the call 

I just answered I’m starting off home 

It was freaking long journey 


So long that i might not see you for the last time

I’m saying all this to myself

Wanted to say them to you

But you’re no longer there



My first love 

My grandfather 

I’m sorry I’m not beside you to bid bye before you leave this world 

I’m sorry I’m not beside you when you’re struggling on your death bed 

Little did the world knows that you’re my mother – baby sitting me all day when my mom was off to work 

You’ve been my father picking me up from school 

The only appreciator of my cooking, no matter how bad it is 

The one who would stand for hours outside my school gate just to hear me speaking on stage 

You tried teaching me everything 

right from fitness to girl manners and music 

You almost replaced my mother 

I would never forget the stories you told to put me to sleep 

You were never tired of my silly blabbering all day 

I missed you for years when our families got separated 

But I’m gonna miss you forever 

Who’s gonna talk to me now at late nights 

Who’s gonna eat along with me at late nights 

Who would take me to morning walks 

Who would fulfill me my food cravings & 

Take me to all the places where I wanted 

As years passed you grew to 86 

You became childish 

I couldn’t take care of you like how you took care of me 

I may not look like you but everyone knows I’m your true heir an another you in everything I do 

Though you leave me in this physical world 

See me through the sky 

Sing to me through the wind 

Listen to me through the clouds 

Keep waiting for me to die and  i wanna  grow up once again as your Grand Daughter……



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