“Taking birth as a female in the society can be said as a curse for the women. They face a lot of social issues and problems all throughout their life which is a big struggle for them, right from the beginning of their life”, was the concept of portrait painting which won the masterpiece cash prize in a school art show. I was the chief guest of that art show. That painting locked me and somewhere connected to my heart. I was back to home after the art show and lost myself in past memories like any other normal day. Suddenly it started to rain, with a jerk I was back to reality and wanted to feel refreshed with a cup of coffee. I went into the kitchen made some coffee and walked into a front balcony with a coffee mug. The slide glass window of the balcony was totally blur due to rainwater and was unable to see the outer view. So, I opened the window to have a pleasant view. But still, I had a blurred vision because my eyes were full of tears.


The past experiences of my life always sting me when I close my eyes. My world drops behind me.


“There are many parents who prefer to have only a boy baby as he stands as a sign of respect to their family status and on other hand thinks having a girl baby is only an act of medium to keep family happy and healthier with household responsibilities”.  My father was one of them who was not happy by my birth. Though he was rich enough to spend a luxurious life he felt me as a burden. I was an unwanted child to him. I know most of the female children are not appreciated to bring into this world. The only one who loves me like anything was my mother. She prayed and pleased constantly and she even sometimes went against my father when he asked to abort the fetal (me). He was not interested to have a female baby.

“A girl is an unwanted flesh where most of the men consider. Many of them don’t know that the gender of a baby is based on men’s xx or yy chromosomes and some may even ignore the studies which they learned in school and blame women for having a female baby”.

He got married to another woman when he came to know that my mom was no more capable of being a mother. After a couple of years, My so-called stepmother was resting in a place where there was no sunlight & always cool, that never gives her a warm feel (died), after giving a birth to a male child. My father was so happy to have a baby boy and his face glowed with pride. He was not at all sad, as one of his wives was no more. Though I was sad for a moment, I felt happy to have a brother at my house. We used to play together. My mother treated us equally.

“Women are harassed everywhere, might be it is an educational institution or workplace. Even their age is not a concern. Either a little school going girl or a middle-aged lady, all are same in the eyes of harassers”. I was one of the victims in my fifth standard as my science teacher had a special interest in me. How worst he was to imagine a small kid in that view! My schooling was completed with hard experiences that most of the girls would face some or the other days.

“The second stage of life, teenage began. Everything looks so good and many new things, to begin with, a hope of shine in life.”

But it was the same society, so there was no change in the approach of gender difference – girls experience the same dirty looks.

I was joined in the eleventh standard and felt not to depend on parents for each and every penny. So, I decided to work. The best one in my life always supported me and she stood by me in my weak days. No sooner she left me alone in this society than my fate resonated and I went through depression after the sudden death of my mother. Days passed and my father felt I was an extra candidate at the home so he wanted me to change my surname.

“Life always changes its direction, you have to choose the right way and walk along till you reach your goal. When you are dependent on someone you don’t have choices to opt, you only have the decision to obey. In some cases, the condition of women becomes more embarrassed when they get tortured by their family members instead of getting help. A very such case is marriage.  An important part of a woman’s life if it is fruitful no worries or else has to face many difficulties.”

I was married to a man who was the photocopy of my father. All my dreams washed away with a single thread knot, it made a lifelong bond between me and my husband. I had no option other than to obey his orders. I was completely dependent on him for everything. After struggling for several months I got released from a forceful relationship. That was my best decision I made ever.

We all know very well that the society never welcomes a divorced single woman. Though I had faced many difficulties, I never let myself down, stood as a hard pole and fought against all the odds. The lessons which I had learned from my past made me tough to face any kind of hurdles in my life. I started to work for a corporate company and joined in NGO to serve the needy. No sooner I owned an orphanage and looked after those who were treated as unwanted objects but not as a human being.

Life gave me a white book. When I don’t know how to write I went through hard times. Once I started to know things and write the letters in a pattern with a strong wish, it gave me a good support to lead Life.  The beginning of my life was not a good start but I learned and made it be a good one.




“A girl starts her fight with the world before she opens her eyes. She fights to sustain in the womb. The smile on her face is a frown in the dynasty of his king.

She is restricted. Society makes her weak. Never let her speak.

She was seen with more intense ridiculed sight when she raced into an adolescent.

She enters into a world of objectification.

She is offended by an allegation of rumors.

She is screwed when opposed.

She is arrogant when she speaks the truth.

She is attacked, harassed and tormented.

She is measured in inches and number, her tees and jeans make her slut.

She is termed as a bitch when she handles men.

She is abused for her great works.

She gets married to the unknown person on parent’s decision by compromising.

She comes at a higher risk of honor killing if get married in her decision.

Suffering is endless. Is woman a victim?


Dear society,

Your life starts with a woman.

A Mother cares for you in every moment of her life till her last breath.

She goes through sleepless nights.

She suffers around two seventy days and 206 bone fragments to bring a life into this world.

She burns her eyes to care of that soul.

She scarifies herself to make a home.

She finds her happiness in fulfilling the family needs.

Woman, she plays different roles in a lifetime.

She fights, loves cuddles when she is a sibling in the act.

She changes her surname, leaves her home behind to lit a light in the new home.

She is an architect of home.

She makes hell to look like heaven.

She is tuned to handle problems.

She pays three fourth of time in her life to the home.


Life is complicated without her. A combination of 26 letters can’t describe her in a phrase or Para.


Every week, thousands of female children are aborted and abandoned in India. There is a lot of discrimination in the name of gender. Our country is developing in various global technologies but still lacking in the survival of women. We adore and worship Goddess but a female is not appreciated in the home. Survival is more important than independence and empowerment.

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